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Panini jnanpeeth School

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Panini Jnanpeeth Hr Sec SCHOOL

Address - Ward No. 25, Abhishek Nagar,
Ph. : 07574-255266 , +91-7489017962 ,
+91-9907370199, +91-9425044779
E-mail : paninijnanperthhbd@gmail.com


Panini Jnanpeeth English Medium Higher Secondary School

Panini is described in the history as the greatest known grammarian of ancient India. His work on the Sanskrit language has up to the present day remained the standard of Sanskrit grammar. His qualities are so great, that Panini was ranked among the Rishis, or inspired seers, and at a later period of Sanskrit literature, was supposed to have received the fundamental rules of his work from the Lord Shiva himself.

The school is affiliated to M.P.B.S.E and imports education to over 500 students from Nurse to 12th A range of extracurricular activities – music, Athletics, Elocution, Debates, Quiz, career guiding scout and Guider. Art and craft are imparted in school.

The school shown technological advance impart excellent library, laboratory and campus facilities .The school expires its student to all opportunities and resources that the best of the school in Hoshangabad could boast about. At the time PANINI being a caring institution and has ensured that no prejudices will come in way of budding talents.

Panini`s grammar consists of eight Adhyayas, or books. Each book comprised of four Padas, or chapters, and each chapter a number of Sutras or aphoristically rules. The latter amount in the whole to 3996; but three, perhaps four, of them did not originally belong to the work of Panini. The arrangement of these rules differ completely from what a European would expect in a grammatical work, for it is based on the principle of tracing linguistic phenomena, and not concerned in the classification of the linguistic material as to the so-called parts of speech.

According to the research is probable that Panini lived before Sakyamuni. Sakyamuni was the founder of the Buddhist religion, whose death took place about 543 B.C., but that a more definite date of the great grammarian has but little chance of ascertainment in the actual condition of Sanskrit philosophy.