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(Affiliated to MPBSE.) MPBSE Affiliation No. 672178

Vice Principal

My dear parents & students I feel extremely proud to be the Vice Principal of the school that is known for its academic excellence & collaborative climate. In addition, I am also proud to be part of a school that equips students with the tools they need to be successful during school life as well as within this 31st century global society .

As Vice Principal of Panini Jnanpeeth, I look forward to fostering a safe nurturing and respectful learning environment where all students can excel. I encourage all students to be active participates in the various activities which I know are significant components of the educational experience. I also encourage all parents & families to become involve in entire educational process. To be able to assist children in achieving their goals has been my first priority and I appreciate all the parents who stand by me in every pursuit.

As we know communication between school & home is a key component of a success of all students so I speak for the educational community at large when I say “we need your support”.

Furthermore it is my ultimate endeavor to foster collaboration to entire school family to ensure the best possible education for each student. I am beyond confident in stating that together we can make every year a success. I look forward to meeting & speaking with all of you throughout the you . Finally I am also looking forward to working with you to meet the best needs of our students sincerely.

People succeed because they understand they cannot let their failure define them you have to let them teach you. You have to let them show what to do differently next time. No one is born being good at things. You become good at things through hard work.

I invoke all my parents & teachers to come forward & nurture each & every child is unique in his / her own way. Education should be a process of discovering a potential of every student .I want to confirm this to all that our student have a great sense of humanity and sensitivity. We just need to carve it out a proper way. I extend my thank to all the teachers for their tiresome efforts to bring out the student’s best performance in academics as well as all other school events. Our teachers have shown a good team spirit which has affected in all the success our school has registered. I wish all my students a golden future.

Vice Principal

"Panini Jnanpeeth Eng Med Hr Sec, School" was established by " Samiti", Hoshangabad in the year 2009. The School is co-euducaiton, English Medium and affiliated to MPBSE, New Delhi.