Director Message

Director Message Rakesh Dewaskar

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Dear all, Education in the emerging global knowledge economy has become a great leveler amongst individuals and motions. It is the highest form of organizational capital. The whole purpose of education is for all individuals to learn & grow as better people.

It should be our sincerest duty to make an efforts to work together to achieve this common role that is education. The need of this hour is to help our children become independent thinkers & develop integrated personalities. In parallel with this thought, we, at Panini Jnanpeeth, do believe that education should create the pupils life as a whole in terms of positive attitude towards life decision making skills, learning about world around them & at all a good human being so as where ever our Paninians go they create miracles.

I feel proud to quote Charles Darwin “It is not the strongest species that survive but the one most responsive & the fittest one". While working on an international curriculum, we teach & train our student to be the fittest & the most responsive. It is our school motto "creating global citizens" which directs our budding minds to paint them self at the international platform. It is a confirmed fact that the world has condensed into one global village. Panini Jnanpeeth has come off its infancy & today after completing 14 successful years we have been scaling a good exponential growth. Our children are capable today, they accept challenges in a positive way they want an opportunity to prove their metal & have sensitivity towards the people around them.

People succeed because they understand they cannot let their failure define them you have to let them teach you. You have to let them show what to do differently next time. No one is born being good at things. You become good at things through handwork.

I invoke all my parents & teachers to come forward & nurture  the school plant. Each & every child is unique in his / her own way. Education should be a process of discovering potential in every student I want to confirm this to all that our student have a great sense of humanity and sensitivity. We just need to carve it out a proper way. I extend my thank to all the teachers for their tirden efforts to bring out the student’s best performance in academics as well as all other school events. Our teachers have shown a good team spirit which have effected in all the success our school has registered. I wish all my students a golden future.

Rakesh Dewaskar